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You've already authenticated with Facebook. Read the FAQ or click "Load Friends" above to get started.

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To get started, just click on "Connect with Facebook" above. Click here to learn what this is all about.

Done! Save the text below into a file (e.g. 'facebook.csv'), and import it into your Google Contacts.

Finished! Click the button above to download your data. Afterwards, import the file into your Google Contacts.

Important Update - Please Read!

Unfortunately, Facebook has disabled access for third-party apps to user's friends list with the latest version of their API, which they released on April 30th, 2015 (you can read more at If you use FriendsToGmail, the only friends that will appear in your export are friends who also have authenticated with F2G. For now, if you would like to export your data, I suggest posting on Facebook asking your friends to authenticate with the app if they are interested in exporting their data. This is the only way that you'll be able to export their information along with yours.

You can also contact Facebook support at if you would like them to bring this feature back to the API.